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Plusnet wants you to pay less for broadband

Plusnet has a new logo too...
Plusnet has a new logo too...

Plusnet believes it has identified a big problem with the credit crunch: the cost of your phone and broadband package.

So, in a bid to rid the UK of this economic evil, the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of BT, has launched a low-cost phone and broadband package.

For a shade under £17 a month, users get up to 8 Meg broadband and a BT line with UK weekend landline calls.

Plusnet says this among the cheapest deals out there, with essentially 8 Meg broadband for seven quid a month.


However, despite the company claiming that 1GB would be enough for many, it might be easy for users, especially if you forget to run downloads at the 'free' time of midnight to 8AM, when the downloads don't count towards your allowance.

However, you can buy more usage in advance, though if you get involved in this you might as well get a more expensive package, as Plusnet charges up to £1.25 a GB.

Still, if all you want to do is email and look at the weather, then this one could be a package for you.

Though you may also be the kind of person who prefers to send letters to chat and look out of the window at the weather, so best have a think first.