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Dual-format PC HD drive edges slowly closer

Hitachi LG has been promising a dual-format PC drive for several months now.

In the increasingly tedious battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD high-definition video, we've already seen one stand-alone player that supports both formats , so it's only natural that a similar combination drive for PC use should turn up.

The drive in question is the GGW-H20N from Hitachi LG Data Storage and is currently on display at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. A previous-generation prototype has been seen at other shows earlier this year.

HD DVD reading only

The latest version of the SATA drive, however, still can write only to BD-R/RE Blu-ray discs and is apparently capable of only reading HD DVDs. With the older model touted as costing around £600, it makes sense that Hitachi LG should also offer a drive with the Blu-ray authoring ability taken out.

As for availability, there's still no word on when - if ever - the company will actually deliver its two-pronged HD drives to eager PC hobbyists worldwide.