Denon unveils high-end noise-cancelling cans

Make economy class slightly less unbearable with Denon's new n/c headphones

Denon is muscling its way into the First Class departure lounge with a pair of audiophile noise-cancelling headphones designed for the discerning traveller.

The AH-NC732 On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones use new active noise suppression technoogly that Denon claims can eliminate up to 99% of outside noise, without compromising the audio quality of your music.

In addition to creating a "luxurious cone of silence" (sprinkles on mine, please, and red sauce), the AH-NC732s feature ergonomic ear pads, soft leather outer coverings and urethane foam to fit comfortably over the ears and aid noise isolation.

Battery bonus

Unlike some n/c cans (notably the Bose QuietComfort 3), the AH-NC732s keep working when the single AAA battery dies, after about 40 hours. They weigh just 160g, come with a bunch of detachable cables and adaptors, and are available in silver or black.

The headphones fold for travel and Denon has thoughtfully made room in their carry case for a little Flash MP3 player.

The cost? An upscale £250 sounds like a lot but it isn't actually much more than the taxes and fuel surcharge for a hop over to New York for the weekend, darling.