IsoTek gets Sirius


Mains accessory expert has launched what it calls an innovative new power strip for audio systems. The new Sirius is a six-way power strip containing "cutting-edge mains conditioning circuitry" that's aimed squarely at hi-fi fans.

Sirius has been designed to ensure that the electricity delivered to each component connected to it is free from degrading interference. It also provides what IsoTek describes as "class-leading" protection for valuable audio equipment.

Six-way distribution

Sirius is the first six-way power strip to emerge from IsoTek's latest EVO3 generation of products. It replaces the company's popular GII Multi-Way unit to become the most affordable six-way distribution strip it its range.

The new unit incorporates a number of new IsoTek mains technologies, many of which are said to be unseen at this price point. An IsoTek spokesperson said, "Nothing at the price can match Sirius' class-leading performance in terms of both protecting your audio equipment and enhancing its performance."

Additional features include 22,500 amps of instantaneous current absorption (for removing high-voltage spikes), brackets for optional wall mounting and an aluminium case. Sirius will go on sale on the 1 of May, priced at £250. It comes supplied with a 25-year lifetime guarantee.