Eton launches wind-up festival radio

Eton's new festival radio doubles up as a torch and mobile charger for a mere £30

If you are currently getting kitted up for the summer holidays and festivals season, then Eton's new FR140 Microlink radio could well be just the thing.

Eton's new 3-in-1 solar-powered AM/FM/Shortwave handheld radio also triples up as a handy torchlight and mobile phone charger. Which will prove particularly useful if you cannot find your Rizlas in the dark or if your mobile's ran out when you've lost all of your mates somewhere near the dance tent. Again.

Ideal dad's day gift

At a shade under £30, the FR140 is also being pitched by Eton as the "ideal Fathers Day gift for Dads" which is also a handy way of reminding yourself that its Father's day next month.

Eton's festival radio weights a mere 200g, sits neatly in one hand and you merely have to wind up the hand crank to power the Microlink, or – should the sun finally decide to shine at Glastonbury this year – just leave it to suck up the solar rays and power itself that way.

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