Belkin Switch-to-Mac improves file transfer

Belkin's new Switch-to-Mac cable improves working between PC and Mac

If you work on PCs in the office and a Mac at home, you will no doubt know of the many niggles involved in switching between the two.

Belkin's latest Switch-to-Mac Cable aims to solve your PC-Mac woes offering "a simple way to transfer files, settings, preferences, and more from your PC to a new Mac computer."

A 2008 Needham report shows that Macintosh unit sales have almost tripled in the past three years, but that "the most significant barrier to switching from PC to Mac was the Mac computer's inability to run windows applications".

There is no messing around dragging and dropping the stuff you want to transfer, with Belkin promising that "the Switch-to-Mac Cable - with its easy-to-use Migration Assistant - automatically moves your music, movies, photos, files, and Internet preferences, making the transition from PC to Mac as seamless as possible."

The cable will cost around $50 in the US, though UK consumers will have to wait until February 2009 to get one over here.