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Griffin SmartTalk review

iPhone earbuds disappointing? Add your own!

Griffin SmartTalk
This is a handy solution if you want to use some other earphones with your iPhone

Our Verdict

Lets you add better headphones to your iPhone, but it’s not perfect and we worry about its robustness.


  • Allows you to add better headphones
  • Fair price


  • Dubious build quality
  • Bulky clicker

The iPhone's headphone jack is recessed so far into its body that hardly any third-party headphones actually fit.

You could just buy an extender but that only pipes the audio from your iPhone; for the full iPhone experience, you need a mic and a clicker; the first to let you make handsfree calls and the second to control the iPhone's playback and accept and end incoming calls.

Bulky headphones

This little adaptor lets you do all this and still use some decent headphones rather than Apple's poor white buds. It's not a perfect system; unless you have a very short cable from your headphones, you'll need to manage that extra cable, and while the clicker has a pleasingly positive action, it's bulky.

Worse, after only a few days of use, the fabric-covered cable showed signs of distress at the point where it joined the 3.5mm jack; we can't comment on the connection's longevity yet but it doesn't inspire confidence.