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Kingston Media Reader review

A versatile card reader

Kingston Media Reader
This speedy and versatile device represents great value for money

Our Verdict

An quick and effective card reader for the money


  • Compatible with a vast array of cards
  • Speedy
  • Good value


  • Dull design

Laptops for the most part often come with a card reader built in, but if you're looking for something a little more versatile, this reader from Kingston supports 19 different types of card.

For a full list, check Kingston's website, but if you use standard cards it's likely to support it.

Basic but effective

It has a 3-inch cable attached to the main body, which can be hidden away when not needed. With a standard USB 2.0 connection, through-speeds are fast.

You won't need to install any software and whenever you insert a card it will be given its own icon in your My Computer window. Once connected, you'll find an LED light shows the reader is connected.

This may not be the most glamourous of gadgets, but if you need to connect a wide range of cards to your laptop, it's worth the asking price.