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BenQ V2410T review

Has BenQ's smart 24-inch monitor been outclassed by one of its stablemates?

BenQ V2410T
BenQ's 24-inch monitor is great for gamers

BenQ v2410t

With the new VA-powered EW2420 on the prowl, the BenQ V2410T and its TN panel is up against some pretty stiff competition. Unfortunately, the game is up as soon as you hit the power switch.

Some of the latest TN panels are good enough to require careful inspection before the origins of the panel can be deduced. The BenQ V2410T isn't one of them. It's immediately obvious that you're looking at a TN monitor.

That's not to say it's awful, but the slightly washed out colours and mediocre black levels do give the game away. Making matters worse, the V2410T suffers from some backlight bleed along the top and bottom edges of the panel. This isn't much of an issue on the desktop, but it is distracting when watching fullscreen video.

The Lagom test suite reveals a number of further weaknesses. Viewing angles are mediocre at best and there's an awful lot of compression evident in the white saturation test. That said, it's not all bad news. The backlight is very bright and this panel renders very smooth colour gradients.

It also packs excellent pixel response. Factor in the 24-inch diagonal and you have an excellent budget gaming monitor. In fact, for gamers who simply can't abide any blurriness, the V2410T actually has the edge over the VA-powered BenQ EW2420.

Finally, there's actually quite a bit of contrast on offer and that translates into reasonable detail when playing back high-definition video. We only wish the flesh tones weren't so sludgy and green tinted.

We liked

Even in the context of the latest developments, £160-odd for a 24-inch full-HD monitor with an LED backlight represents good value. That LED technology certainly delivers plenty of punch, while the TN panel has excellent gaming chops. It's also nice to see a fully adjustable stand on such an affordable screen.

We disliked

With VA technology now available at this price point, the V2410T's TN-derived shortcomings are all the more obvious. In fact, by the standards of the best TN'ers, this screen is decidedly second string. The colours are a bit dull and the viewing angles are nothing special.