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Viewsonic PJ758 review

A portly, affordable affair from Viewsonic

The 3.5kg chassis is large, but it also manages to host a wide array of ports

Our Verdict

A big, powerful projector for an affordable price


  • Fair price
  • Good array of connections


  • No DVI input
  • Bulky and heavy

Viewsonic sent us its PJ758, which is typically the sort of data projector that you install in a meeting room or lecture hall, as it is rather too large and heavy to carry around. The 3.5kg chassis is large, but it also manages to host a wide array of ports.

The PJ758 has a fair amount in common with the PJ358, as they are both XGA projectors that use LCD technology to deliver a good bright picture and the 500:1 contrast ratio that is typical for LCD. With a 2000 ANSI lumens brightness to play with, you can use this projector just about anywhere and you'll still get a sharp and bright image.

When it comes to differences, this PJ758 is a touch quieter than the PJ358, but that is to be expected as the casing is considerably larger and it weighs a great deal more, so there's plenty of scope to deaden the noise levels.


Viewsonic has used the available space on the back of the casing to pack it with ports and connectors. There are dual VGA, Component, Composite and S-Video inputs, as well as VGA output, but you also get dual mini jack audio inputs, stereo RCA inputs and an audio mini jack output. That may sound over the top, but this projector packs a mono 6-Watt speaker where the other models in the group have a measly 1-Watt speaker.

Having said that, we would have liked to see a DVI input, which is proving increasingly popular on laptops. The controls on the projector work well enough, but they centre around a navigation pad that doesn't feel very solid.

Noise levels are high in Normal mode, but the unit quietens down when in Eco mode. Picture quality is good too. Overall, this is a competent and affordable choice.