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InFocus Work Big IN24+ review

Amazingly cheap, and still capable of delivering decent pictures

Image is acceptable for the price

Our Verdict

A strikingly low price, so unsurprisingly a few sacrifices have been made


  • Very cheap
  • Reasonable image quality


  • Basic remote
  • Unable to choose resolution

If you're looking for a real budget-priced data projector, the InFocus Work Big IN24+ (£310 inc. VAT) has to be the perfect machine for you. It's incredibly cheap, so you won't be surprised to learn that InFocus has cut a few corners, starting with the SVGA resolution.

When we connected the IN24+ to our Vista laptop the image stretched to 1024 x 768 pixels and there was no obvious way to force it to the native 800 x 600-pixel resolution.

In theory, this should have an impact on image quality and while we weren't impressed by the overall picture displayed by the InFocus, we can't say for sure that the resolution is the only problem. The IN24+ uses a relatively crude four-segment two-speed colour wheel and we also found the image was rather harsh and bright in a typical DLP way.

Decent picture

It was also a fiddly task to actually get the picture square using a combination of the single levelling foot and the rather awkward Keystone correction tools.

Once it was up and running, the image is acceptable for the price. Switching to Whisper mode is a bit of a struggle, as you have to delve deep in the system settings menu and it only reduces the noise level to 35dB which is at the noisy end of the scale.

The remote control only has six buttons, so you are obliged to work through the menus instead of jumping to a short cut.

The audio connections for the mono 1-Watt speaker use stereo RCA plugs rather than a mini-jack, so it's of little practical use to most laptop users.

Overall, what we have here is a fairly noisy, bright, big, SVGA projector that presents a reasonable image at a very, very low cost.