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Trust Power Adapter PW-1700P review

A portable charger that will connect with almost any device

This charger is able to power a variety of devices

Our Verdict

A very useful and comprehensive package if you're on the go with a variety of devices


  • Compatible with a broad spectrum of devices
  • Useful voltage meter


  • Not the most discreet charger

If you're a regular traveller, then this multi-purpose charger is a great idea.

While mainly designed for use with laptops, the Trust Power Adapter PW-1700P offers simultaneous connections with a host of devices, including your mobile phone, PSP and iPod.

Widespread compatibility

The powerbrick isn't the smallest we've seen, but with a voltage meter on the side, you can easily set it to the power required.

There are a variety of connections, so you can source power either from the mains, a plane seat or using the cigarette lighter connector in your car.

With a host of plugs covering all the major laptop brands, we're sure your machine will be covered. However, we suggest checking with the Trust website prior to purchase as to whether your particular laptop is covered.

This powerbrick will easily replace your current one, with the added benefit of being able to power a variety of devices.