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Startech Universal USB 3.0 4K Laptop Docking Station review

Is this an essential accessory for 4K lovers?

Startech Universal USB 3.0 4K Laptop Docking Station

The Startech Universal USB 3.0 4K Laptop Docking Station is a nice addition for anyone who uses their laptop out and about, and also at a desk. It allows you to plug in your laptop quickly and start working within mere seconds.

We liked

The sheer number of connectors that this docking station offers is a real treat. 4K actually works very well if you have a decent laptop, and another bonus is the fact that this isn't a very expensive setup.

We disliked

The tapered design is not something I am a fan of, but then this is a very subjective matter. You can't charge your laptop yet and the USB transfer rate performance could have been better. I am being very picky though.

Final verdict

You can get this docking station for just over £145 from Amazon (around $215, AU$280), which is a reasonable long-term investment in a product that is not, unlike other proprietary docking stations, tied to particular brands or product families. It offers plenty of ports and true 4K capability for that money.

Expect the next iteration to pack a new chipset, offer USB 3.1 (type C – for the new MacBook, and type A) and potentially the ability to charge your laptop, which would bring down the number of cables needed to just one.