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Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch review

It's got improved touch controls but can it take on the might of the Kindle?

Sony PRS-650
Can Sony's new eBook reader compete with Amazon's Kindle?

Sony reader prs-650 reader tocuh

The Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch is a mightily impressive piece of kit, but there are a few niggles with the product.

The biggest for us is its complete lack of wireless connectivity. That's right, there is no 3G or wireless, so downloading content on the go is a big no-no.

Amazon must have been extremely pleased about this, given that its latest Kindle offers Wi-Fi and/or 3G.

We have to admit that the amount of books you can pre-load onto a Reader Touch is more than you would probably get through in a lifetime, so there isn't that much need for wireless.

It does mean that you can't have RSS feeds on the device and those spur of the moment purchases of ebooks go out of the window.

The second niggle is the price. The Sony Reader Touch is an expensive bit of kit, priced at around £200.

In these wallet-tightening times this may be too much for some. But Sony has created a product well deserving of the price.

The aluminium chassis is one of the most desirable we have seen at any price, it feels perfect in the hand and is easy to read.

The quality of the touchscreen will blow most ebook reader naysayers away. But the price will unfortunately put others off – or at least turn them to the perfectly priced Amazon Kindle 3.