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Toshiba 32LV713 review

Generally impressive and temptingly low-priced workhorse LCD TV

Toshiba 32LV713
This budget TV has a surprising amount of tech for the asking price

Toshiba 32lv713 angle

Excellent picture quality and a friendly operating system make this Toshiba an improvement on some of the brand's previous efforts. As such, it competes well at the budget end of the market where 100Hz, Freeview HD and online dimensions are nowhere to be found.

We liked:

A simple and clearly presented user interface, together with a remote control that's fast and easy to use makes the 32LV713 an enticing prospect for anyone after a simple flatscreen TV. Add excellent pictures and a wealth of tweaks available for advanced users and the 32LV713 is quite a package.

We disliked:

For a chunky set such as this, speakers could do with an upgrade and could be more powerful than they are. Standard definition, though always watchable, isn't upscaled as smartly as it could be, though that's no crime at this relatively small size – and remarkably low price.


It may not possess the bells and whistles of the TVs the big brands like to shout about (including Toshiba), but this budget set has an enviable all-round performance that should see it do well in the mass market.

If you can find it bundled with a home cinema system, all the better, because this is a television that impresses only with pictures and usability. Those after Freeview HD, networking or an online dimension should look elsewhere, but anyone after a TV with quality at its uncomplicated core may find their match in the 32LV713.

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