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Toshiba 32LV713 review

Generally impressive and temptingly low-priced workhorse LCD TV

Toshiba 32LV713
This budget TV has a surprising amount of tech for the asking price

Toshiba 32lv713 angle

Strapped to the bottom of the 32LV713 are some uninspiring 10W Nicam stereo speakers. Lacking power and reproducing movie soundtracks without any kind of finesse, the 32LV713 nevertheless has a whole page of dedicated audio settings; Surround Sound appears to increase the volume and the width of the soundstage, as well as dragging out some details from a movie soundtrack that you won't otherwise hear.

Sound menu

As such, engaging this mode is essential rather than optional, but it doesn't introduce enough bass or width to compete with a separate sound system.

Stable Sound, meanwhile, appears to reduce the volume and hides background sound effects, though it's real duty is to overcome sudden changes of volume during advert breaks.

The 32LV713 could certainly do with the kind of audio projection technology found on Toshiba's higher-end sets that projects soundwaves onto nearby hard surfaces, thereby amplifying them. On this particular Toshiba, audio is a significant letdown, though for £380 it would be churlish to single out this set on that score.

The 32LV713 manages a versatile picture that does just enough good work across all sources to make this a good value all-rounder for a living room. Its sound may not match its pictures, but if you're spending this amount on a TV you may have some budget left to find a home cinema system, though we'd only recommend going to those lengths if you're into watching movies; for Freeview programmes its speakers just about suffice.

And with more than acceptable – and thoroughly versatile – pictures, JPEG/MP3 playback and a well thought-out user interface, the 32LV713 is a good value package.