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Toshiba 32LV713 review

Generally impressive and temptingly low-priced workhorse LCD TV

Toshiba 32LV713
This budget TV has a surprising amount of tech for the asking price

Toshiba 32lv713 angle

The user interface is simple and functional, with no frippery to add clutter to the system. A four-way menu comprised of picture, sound, applications and preferences, it's coloured in a surprisingly muted combination of black, white and lime green, and provided with full HD graphics.

Our only criticism is that the 'Game' mode is hidden away in the obscure 'Preferences' menu; it should at least be up top, if not featured as a shortcut on the remote.

Like the TV, the remote is uncluttered with features, which helps makes for a unit that's both smaller and simpler to use than on most higher-end sets. Large buttons are the biggest draw, though at around two-thirds the size of most remotes, it can be easily held and operated with a thumb. Unusual shortcut commands include a large 'AD' button for toggling audio description on and off, a picture freeze button and a digital clock option.

There's also a 'Quick' command that reveals a shortcuts menu for changing the picture size, mode (Standard, Movie, User and Dynamic), accessing a USB stick, activating a sleep timer (for between 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 90 and 120 minutes) and setting-up Regza Link (for operating HDMI equipment from this remote). In our test the latter feature worked very well; we managed to control all the major functions of a Panasonic Blu-ray player without any problems at all.

Our only criticism of the remote is that the 'Menu' and 'Guide' buttons – as well as the 'Exit' and 'Return' keys – are too small, though at least they're clearly labelled.

Tuning in the 32LV713 is a cinch, with all digital channels found inside three minutes and logically ordered. Once they're installed, an attractive and responsive eight-day electronic programme guide can be inspected. Eight channels are listed within a floating window that takes up only a third of the screen, while the current channel – with audio – plays uninterrupted beneath.


It shows programmes over the next four hours on one channel at a time, so isn't as good 'at a glance' as other EPGs we're seen, but its non-intrusive design is further evidence of the light touch Toshiba has applied to every aspect of this TV.