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Sennheiser CX300 review

Give your MP3 player a chance to shine

Don't spend big on an MP3 player and then skimp on your headphones

Our Verdict

Comfy, and acesounding, with great bass.


  • Crisp sound reproduction

    One of the best brands in the business

There's no point spending £100 on a decent MP3 player and then diluting the sound quality with bog-standard earbuds. If you can stretch to another £30, try these brilliant alternatives from Teutonic audio titans Sennheiser, complete with cortex-pounding bass boost.

The Sennys are great with any kind of music, managing to sound both crisp and rich; as mentioned, though, that bass boost makes listening to electronica, funk and reggae a particular pleasure. They're light and comfortable too, with adapters in three sizes - and the price is spot-on, to boot. These really are darling buds....