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Trans people will get two ID cards

Passports - still needed
Passports - still needed

The new UK identity card may be churning up controversy with its biometric data, but for people in the process of gender reassignment there has been confirmation that they can apply for a second ID card for their new sex.

The government's 'voluntary' ID card system has understandably attracted a wealth of criticism from civil liberties groups and opposing politicians, but British citizens will be able to opt to receive cards in 2009.

Airport workers are being used as a trial – with London City and Manchester airport workers required to have them and the Home Office confirming that, if the project is a success "the cards could ultimately be required identification for all critical airport workers."

Second card has discovered that trans people will be issued a card in their birth gender but can apply for a second card.

The government's reasoning behind the identity cards is that it will aid the fight against terrorism, neatly ignoring facts like how many of the perpetrators of atrocities like the 7/7 London attacks were UK citizens and would have had perfectly valid cards.

"The Home Secretary [Jacqui Smith] has confirmed the worst element of the scheme - a single, mammoth and highly vulnerable database exposing masses of our personal details to criminal hackers," said Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve.