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Telco imagines a future of see-through phones

Telstra future vision
New phones, same old teenagers

Australia's largest telco has peered in to its crystal ball and created a video showcasing technology in the year 2020, as it sees it.

Telstra's new YouTube clip imagines a future where phones are see-through, bus shelters are interactive and doctors are helping friends choose cocktail dresses while monitoring life-threatening heart conditions.

It's a strange video to come from Telstra. There is no advertising hook, and no really new ideas in the clip. It is more a montage of some of the popular ideas about how technology might look in the near future.

While the doctor in the clip could be working a little harder of Mr Citizen's high blood pressure, we do love the idea of a Band-Aid-like sensor that could remotely monitor our innards for medical experts. No more "you're going to feel like a small prick" in 2020.

Hilariously, this isn't the first time Telstra has tried its hand at predicting technology in the future. If you'd like a benchmark for how accurate Telstra is at picking trends, check out this awesome series of videos over at Paleofuture.

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