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Scientists lasso micro objects with sound tornado

Scientists lasso micro objects with sound tornado
Science. Is. Awesome

We all love a good vortex here at TechRadar, so we're pleased to hear that scientists have created a lasso made of ultrasonic sounds that can pick up microscopic objects.

Don't worry – the whirlwind is almost as diminutive as the objects it ensnares, so it won't be causing any mayhem any time soon. But according to the published study in Applied Physics Letters, the tiny tornado is capable of doing some damage on a smaller scale.

So why could this be useful, other than for playing God with our miniature cell cities? Well, just ask Professor Drinkwater, who led the study.

"The impressive thing is that it is completely non-contact, harmless and so ideal for moving delicate things, such as cells around under a microscope," he said. "With further development this could be used to assemble human tissue as part of a tissue engineering production line."

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Via Geekosystem