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No more go slow for laptops

Who wants an accordian bag anyway?
Who wants an accordian bag anyway?

Pulling your laptop out of your heavily-packed bag at airport security might soon be a thing of the past.

The US Transportation Security Administration will allow passengers to leave their computers in their bag provided the baggage has been labelled checkpoint friendly.

This should happen later this month in the US, though no word yet on whether the procedures will soon change elsewhere in the world.

Make me a bag…a NEW bag!

Bag manufacturers were sounded out over the problem, and they responded with the new designs.

At the moment, those carrying the approved designs are Targus, Mobile Edge and Skooba Design, but more are sure to follow.

To comply with the regulations, the bag should contain no metal, unfold and have a section for laptops. It should then be laid flat on the conveyor belt.

Of course, if you want to keep showing off your new MacBook Air, stick with your old bag.