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Samsung to unveil new display department

OLEDs are set to be the next big thing in mobile displays
OLEDs are set to be the next big thing in mobile displays

Samsung's plans to morph the OLED efforts of its SDI and Electronics divisions have resulted in a new brand called Mobile Displays.

The launch of the new company is set for January 2009, and will primarily be making small to medium sized panels, designed for mobile phone screens and PMPs too.

However, Samsung SDI won't be dying a coughing, spluttering OLED death, as it plans to cash in on the massive need for ever bigger and better batteries.

Power boost

The company will work on boosting production of the power devices, which will in turn help improve the performance of everything from the humble mobile phone to electric cars, which currently have a short range and need to pack a huge amount of battery power packs to run.

The company plans to team up with German autoparts manufacturer Bosch for the deal, and talks to form an alliance are ongoing.

"The joint venture will fuel momentum for reshaping the structure of the battery market currently dominated by Japanese car manufacturers. The partnership with Bosch is a key catalyst for us to expand on the global battery market," said spokesman Seo Hae-su, according to Korea Times.