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Samsung SLIQ concept mobile stunner

A stunning-looking ultra-thin mobile phone for business travellers with a smooth black surface and touch interface is the latest concept phone to wow mobile gazers.

The concept SLIQ Phone by Samsung , designed by Mike Serafin , features PDA functionality in a 10mm thin casing. It features a wide display, while a clip in Bluetooth earpiece and power-boosting crank handle are a couple of novel features of the SLIQ. Glowing controls and the screen also fade to black when not in use to maintain the SLIQ's chic minimalist look.

According to Serafin's design notes, the SLIQ would have a regular set of high-end mobile features too - 2-megapixel camera featuring Schneider-Kreuznach lens, MP3 player, video player, document viewer and expandable memory.

Although branded with a Samsung logo, there's no indication that this design is officially sanctioned by the Korean mobile giant. None the less, it's very, very SLIQ indeed.