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A balloon ride to near-space will only cost you $75,000

World View Enterprises
What a view!

A company called World View Enterprises has announced that it will offer commercial balloon flights to near-space altitude for $75,000 (about £46,000, AU$77,000).

The "Edge of Space" flights won't take passengers all the way into space, but at 19 miles up it will be possible to glimpse the curvature of the Earth and the infinite black nothingness of the universe.

Obviously they're not charging chump change, but compared to other options like Virgin Galactic's $250,000 (about £154,000, AU$259,000) commercial space flights, this balloon ride is downright affordable.

No word on when these Edge of Space flights will begin taking off, but demonstrations of the "flight capabilities of the entire system" are due to start soon.

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