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Climate Camp campaigners show the way

So when the British summer fails - the British wind kicks in...
So when the British summer fails - the British wind kicks in...

So you're protesting about a power station but you need to run your laptop – what do you do?

Simple, if you are at the Climate Camp - the very same one that is hitting the headlines in Kent over some fairly heavy handed policing of the peaceful event.

Apparently the people running events at the camp to educate those present on the impact of climate change are making sure they don't end up looking hypocritical by using both solar and turbine-generated power.

Renewable sources

"The site aims to use as little energy as possible and use renewable energy sources. Neighbourhoods will be powered by 'standalone' renewable systems," says the campaign handbook.

"The Site Group will be running two large renewable energy rigs in order to ensure that no generators are required, event for peak demands"

The groups at the camp are protesting against E-ON UK's plans to build the first new UK coal-fired power station in 30 years.

There have been several arrests following clashes with the police on Monday, but the educational side of things has continued, with solar panels illustrating that PowerPoint needn't be coal-PowerPoint.