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BBC to begin Ultra HD trials

Ultra HD will be at IBC

The BBC, in conjunction with Japanese sensor manufacturer NHK and Italy’s TV channel RAI, will begin trials of ultra high-definition (UHD) this September.

A demo of the technology will take place at Amsterdam’s International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) and will comprise live footage from London and images from Japan.

NHK sensors

The demo will be shown fittingly in the NHK theatre – NHK is the company behind the TV’s new 33MP sensor. The theatre will be equipped with a state-of-the art 8k x 4k projector, which will project the 33-megapixel footage on to a 3840x2160 display.

The company behind the London/Japan demo is SIS Outside Broadcast, who will use fibre optics to carry the UHD signal, and the BBC, whose research and development team has created a new compression technology.

The Italian demo will be UHD footage transmitted via satellite.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Dr Kenkichi Tanioka, director general of NHK's science and technical research labs, said: “It is a tribute to the alliance of forward-looking companies working on this project that we are confident all will be well.”