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Sky 3D launches in the UK

Sky 3D - 2D turned up to 11
Sky 3D - 2D turned up to 11

Sky 3D officially launches today, with the channel offering 14 hours' 3D content a day.

The channel is free to those who have taken out a Sky World HD subscription and will be showing the Ryder Cup (weather permitting) in 3D and live.

Sky and TV manufacturers will be hoping that the launch of the channel will kick-start 3D in the UK.

Sales of 3D TVs haven't exactly been on fire and the cost of setup is pretty pricey, but Sky was the main driver for bringing HD content to the UK so it is fair to say its influence on consumers is pretty high.

Sky 3D

Sky revealed its content list earlier this week, revealing that it will be showing key football, boxing and golf games and a host of movies, including Alice in Wonderland and Monsters Vs Aliens.

It will also be showing a number of documentaries, including 3D Meerkats and 7 Wonders of the Solar System.

Virgin Media also announced it is offering 3D content in the form of an on-demand movie channel.

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