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Roku announces Streaming Stick

Roku's Streaming Stick aims to smarten up TVs

Roku has revealed its latest connected TV device, which brings the full range of services in a USB-drive sized package.

The Roku Streaming Stick plugs directly into the HDMI port of some HDTVs and can be controlled directly through your TV remote, rather than needing an extra controller.

The Streaming Stick brings all of the smart TV apps associated with the regular-sized Roku players, with Pandora, Netflix and Hulu Plus all on-board.

Only for MHL-enabled TVs

However, not everyone is going to be able to make use of the Stick. It requires a MHL-enabled (mobile high definition link) HDMI port, which only live on a select few Samsung and Toshiba HD sets.

Roku says the more HD TV sets featuring MHL ports will arrive at CES, but as Mashable points out, most new TVs arrive with built in connected apps like those offered with the Roku player line-up.

Roku says the device will ship with a host of new HDMI TVs and will be replaceable when new upgrades come into play.

Best Buy has agreed to carry the device and ship it with forthcoming Insignia TV sets. Roku is yet to announce pricing or availability.

Via: Mashable