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New JVC HDTV is only 7mm thick

JVC is making an early play for the world's thinnest television headlines by announcing a 32-inch HDTV prototype that's 7mm thick and weighs barely 5Kg, but Samsung already looks set to steal its thunder at CES.

Compare that to the average 32-incher you might have in your living room. The Panasonic TX-32LZD81, for example, is 22.5mm-thick and tips the scales at 18Kg.

LED backlighting

The superbly slim 1080p TV also uses 50 per cent less material resources to manufacture, says JVC. While a new LED-based optical system means that there's absolutely no compromise on optical clarity or vibrancy.

The benefits of a 5Kg HDTV can be seen in the photos released by JVC. This lightweight TV could literally be hung up like a picture using metal cables or mounted on the wispiest of TV stands.

Will it be the thinnest TV at CES? Unfortunately for JVC, no. Samsung will be exhibiting an LED-backlit TV that measures 6.5mm at its narrowest point. That's thinner than the iPhone 3G...