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Eee sales allow Asustek to overtake Apple

Eee by gum
Eee by gum

Asustek’s Eee PC has helped them climb up the rankings to become one of the biggest laptop manufacturers – according to IDC.

The company’s sale of 1.4 million notebooks in the first quarter of 2008 put them firmly in the top 10, but when 700,000 Eee PC sales are included, they overtake both Apple and Fujitsu.


Indeed, Asustek’s total sales of 2.1 million units is only 100,000 behind Lenovo.

The success of the Eee has started a revolution in the laptop industry with competitors racing to provide equivalent ‘sub-notebooks’.

2008 is likely to see a spate of low cost, low spec but ultra-portable computers, including Asustek’s forthcoming Atom based version of the Eee.