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LaCie unveils new, faster Blu-ray burner

LaCie's new Blu-ray burner

LaCie has just added a few notches to its Blu-ray burning belt by releasing an external BD burner that can write at 4x speed.

The LaCie d2 drive is now twice as fast as its predecessor – confusingly also titled LaCie d2 – which means it can burn single layer BDs at 4x the speed and double layer ones at 2x. Those who want to burn conventional CDs and DVDs can do so at 32x 16x respectively. Connectivity comes in the guise of USB2.0.

Quality at a price

The bad news is that having Blu-ray burning capabilities outside of your PC casing comes at a premium. This new deck comes in at £599 including VAT, which is pretty hefty considering internal Blu-ray burners can be bought for around £150.

The LaCie’s new model designed by Neil Poulton (the award-winning Scottish designer) will at least look pretty on your computer desk.