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Siri could come to OS X 10.12 Fuji soon


New evidence suggests Siri will indeed be coming to the next version of OS X.

MacRumors spotted a screenshot of application dock in OS X 10.12 Fuji and interestingly there's a new icon that features the same colors Siri uses. What's more, MacRumor's source claims clicking on the new app causes a familiar waveform interface to appear and from there the virtual assistant will listen for commands.

Siri on OS X

Image Credit: MacRumors

Fuji will also supposedly offer hands-free access to Siri, though, it won't be turned on by default and instead users will have to dive in to their settings to activate the feature.

As with using Siri on the iPhone we imagine the experience will be similar on Macs. On smartphones and iPads, Siri can already set reminders, send messages and complete web searches. Though with access to a fully featured file browser and desktop applications, Siri could have a much deeper level of integration on Macs.

It's likely we will see the feature introduced at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, which will take place on June 13-17. Stay tuned for our live coverage from the event later this summer.