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Archos TV+ adds Wi-Fi-equipped PVR

Archos has announced that its Archos TV+ unit will be upgraded to feature digital video recorder features as well as Wi-Fi capabilities.

The Archos TV+ DVR comes in two versions, with an 80GB or 250GB hard drive. It works as any other digital video recorder, enabling you to schedule, record and stream content. You'll also be able to sync your recorded shows with an Archos media player, view photos, and listen to music.

Specifications include integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi, VGA-quality video recording, ports including composite, S-video, component and HDMI outputs, and composite, S-video and component inputs, as well as the ubiquitous USB.

The Archos TV+ DVR is available now in the US, priced at $229 (£116) for the 80GB version and $349 (£176) for the 250GB unit. Archos could not confirm a UK launch date at this stage.