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Windows Phone users admitted to BBM as beta version goes live

Windows Phone users admitted to Club BBM as beta version arrives
BBM becoming a universal tool with Windows Phone roll out

Windows Phone users can now access the popular BlackBerry Messenger app following the launch of a beta version for Microsoft's mobile operating system.

In an announcement on the BlackBerry blog, the firm said it was answering 'demand' from Windows Phone users for the same privileges afforded to Android and iOS users late last year.

"We've gotten an incredible number of requests for BBM to come to Windows Phone," the blog read. "In the coming weeks we'll be ready to welcome millions of Windows Phone users to the growing BBM community."

A full app launch is coming soon, but Windows Phone fans can sign up for the limited beta today, where they'll get the usual access to chats, group chats, feeds and BBM contacts integration, all packaged in a Windows Phone interface.

Via Engadget