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Next-gen iPod to run Mac OS X

Next-gen iPods could include iPhone features like a multi-touch display, CoverFlow and Wi-Fi

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed that next generation iPods will work using the Mac OS X operating system. Jobs made the announcement at a company-wide meeting yesterday ahead of the launch of the iPhone , which goes on sale across the United States today.

He said that various Mac OS X groups were working on products across the company including "some iPods we're working on". This could herald the arrival of the first widescreen video iPod this autumn - a product that's essentially an iPhone with mobile phone components missing.

The surprise announcement came during his speech when Jobs laid out Apple's future product strategy. He likened Apple's business to a chair, where the Apple Mac is one leg, Apple iPod/iTunes is the second leg and the Apple iPhone is the third, Ars Technica reports. The fourth leg is Apple TV , which Jobs admitted is still more of an experiment for the company.

Jobs then announced that he was giving away iPhones to every single Apple employee in the US, including part-timers who had been there for only a year. Apple has 17,787 full-time employees according to estimates . Many Apple employees already have heavily discounted contracts with Apple's iPhone partner AT&T .