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Microsoft adds visual voicemail and internet sharing to Mango

Windows Phone
Windows Phone 7.5 began a global roll-out today

Microsoft has revealed that Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' handsets will also offer visual voicemail and internet sharing via wireless hotspot functionality.

The new version of the Windows Phone operating system has started its global roll-out today with Microsoft promising it to all current handsets by the end of October.

However with today's launch widely expected, the previously unannounced new features are somewhat of a surprise.

Five device support

Depending on support from networks and hardware manufacturers alike, Windows Phone 7.5 will offer internet sharing for up to five devices.

The functionality is already available to iPhone and most newer Android phone owners, but it seems like this will only be available on new handsets, not those existing devices updating to 7.5.

Also new will be visual voicemail functionality, which will also depend on permissions from your network carrier and the capabilities of your handset.

Adding to that, there's also a new version of the web-based Windows Phone App Marketplace, which will allow users to buy apps from the web and have them automatically download to the phone.

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Via: All Things D, Mobile Burn