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'Lotus Notes for iPhone not ready' says IBM

IBM says it has no immediate plans to release LotusNotes for the Apple iPhone

IBM has confirmed that its upcoming version of LotusNotes for the Apple iPhone isn't ready for release just yet, and any rumours suggesting an imminent launch is just speculation at this stage.

Rumours have suggested that IBM was to release a version of its LotusNotes business email suite for the Apple iPhone and the

Apple iPod touch

at the


conference this week.

iPhone shunned

Now IBM has confirmed that it has no immediate plans to release such a product. "It's not something that (is) ready to go out and market or launch," an IBM spokesperson told ZDNet Australia.

Most businesses have shunned the Apple iPhone due to its lack of support for business applications such as LotusNotes - a business suite which integrates email, calendar and other applications. It is also considered a security risk by some paranoid IT departments.

The reverse is also true. Lotus Notes has to be one of the most widely reviled applications in business. Putting it on an iPhone would be like teaming a haycart with a racehorse.

Or as IBRS analyst Kevin McIsaac told ZDNet: "I can't really imagine someone who's really hip and cool - like an iPhone user - wanting to use Lotus Notes". Good luck with that, IBM.