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HTC set to jump RIM in smartphone rankings

HTC ready to overtake RIM
HTC ready to overtake RIM

New figures from research firm Market Intelligence Center predict HTC will become the world's fourth-biggest smartphone maker in 2012.

The move would see it push past RIM in the terms of handset sales, and see it gunning for the likes of Samsung, Apple and Nokia.

RIM is already heading through a turbulent financial period after profits recently fell below predictions, so it won't be good news to note the rise of alternative manufacturers during the period.

Built on Android juice

HTC's growth has mainly come through critically acclaimed Android-powered handsets, which the firm was instrumental in helping to develop.

The same OS is set to be the top dog in 2012, as according to MIC Google's smartphone platform will be running on 40 per cent of smartphones, dwarfing the 28 per cent of Nokia's ailing Symbian platform.

However, it's interesting to note that the influence of the Finnish manufacturer will see Windows Phone 7 jump to near-parity with iOS in the predictions, with the two platforms taking 17 per cent and 19 per cent of the worldwide market respectively.

From Cens via BGR