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3M unveils the MPro110 mini projector

3M's hand-friendly MPro110 projector
3M's hand-friendly MPro110 projector

3M may not be the first company that comes to mind when you think of projectors, but it looks like it will be one of the first on the market to produce a pocket-sized one.

Called the MPro110, the mini projector is said to be able to display VGA (640 x 480) resolution.

This is done by fairly simple means – an LED lamp and LCoS screen technology, which is a type of LCD technology used in even the most old-school of projectors.

Small build, small price

The pocket projector is not aimed at the home cinema enthusiast – unless they happen to live in a Japanese capsule hotel.

This is meant for on-the-go types who need a projector for PowerPoints and the like. It's even being touted for use with iPods. has had one in for a hands-on, and the website seems to like what it sees. Although the projector has been given a lacklustre grey case, they've cranked the projection up to 11 inches and have even shown a movie on one poor co-worker's back.

The MPro110 will be available in the US from the end of September for the fittingly small price of $359 (£200). There's no word as of yet, whether it will be available in the UK.