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Apple: subscriptions for iPad available soon for publishers

The Daily - given a head start in Apple's subscription service
The Daily - given a head start in Apple's subscription service

Apple has insisted that the iPad subscription service being launched with The Daily from News Corp. will be available for other publishers "very soon."

Apple's vice president of internet service, Eddie Cue, was asked about the availability of the brand new subscription model and when it would be rolled out to other people who wanted to offer magazines and content for iPad.

"It's available today on The Daily, said Cue. "An announcement will be made very soon for other publications.

"We have a great relationship with publishers and thousands [of publications] are available already andsubscription is only going to help get more customers."

Welcomed, eventually

The news will be welcomed by many publishers, who are keen to have a more integrated subscription method that makes selling periodicals easier.

With The Daily being a US only publication, it will be interesting to see if the model is opened up soon enough for someone other than News Corp. to get out a subscription service for the iPad first in the UK.

In the meantime, The Daily is being given a major head start in getting subscribers, with other publishers facing a frustrating wait until they can launch their own rivals.