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Secure email coming to the iPhone soon

You got mail
You got mail

A company called Sybase has promised to ‘soon’ provide software that will allow businesses to securely distribute email to Apple iPhones.

Speaking at Reuters’ technology summit, Sybase’s John Chen promised that the technology was on its way.


"It will be secure enterprise grade," Chen said. "It will let the IT guys manage it."

Currently businesses have been reticent to see the iPhone as a suitable handset due to its limited push-mail security options, with the likes of Plam’s Treo and, more commonly, BlackBerrys cornering the market.

However, the arrival of software that could make the iPhone’s email more secure may put Apple into the business market, and open it out to a whole new audience.


Sybase also confirmed that they were working on a similar concept for the open source Android being championed by Google.

Chen told the conference that he felt the software could ultimately be tailored to send mail to whichever handset the user carries.