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Android to get own App store?

Open software - all are welcome

At the recent demo of Google’s Android mobile OS, the project leader has hinted strongly at the possibility of an application store that guarantees fair deals for its distributors.

"It would be a great benefit to the Android community to provide a place where people can go to safely and securely download content and where a billing system would allow developers to get paid for their effort," he said, according to The Register.

"We wouldn’t have done our job if we didn’t provide something that helps developers get distribution."

Open all hours

The plans are to open-source the platform under an Apache license, a free-software option that allows the use of source code for the development of free and open source software as well as proprietary stuff.

This means that people will be allowed to mess with the workings of the release, hopefully making the software even better.

"They can add to it. They can remove from it. They make it their own," Rubin added. "They can rip out all the Google stuff and put in all Yahoo! stuff."