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Update: Pioneer starts up internet TV station

Plasma TV giant Pioneer is powering a TV station that promises cheap, broadcast quality video over the internet. The station - called SyncTV - plans to offer individual channels for $2-$4 (£1--£2) per month, and you'll even be able buy individual programmes for $2 (£1).

SyncTV says the station is currently undergoing private tests in the US, but will be available sometime next year. The company also plans to offer downloads of its content so they can be watched on portable media players and TVs, but there's is a catch: they won't be compatible with the Apple iPod, and any device will need to support the Marlin DRM system being developed by Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and InterTrust.

SyncTV has yet to reveal what it's channel content will comprises, Reuters reports, but says it is currently working with several partners and hopes to offer high definition content too.

SyncTV Update

The SyncTV website is finally up and running, and gives more details about the service. Why not sign up for the private beta? We've also posted official screenshots and are currently talking with various parties about SyncTV, the Marlin DRM and how it could affect UK TV viewers in future.