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Tory boy councillor in MySpace clanger

The young Conservative councillor was caught out when he wrote about his 'cool' exploits on MySpace

A teenage politician has been branded "a bit of a prat" by his Tory peers, after he bragged on his MySpace page about taking drugs, getting drunk and stealing from shops. The page, which has now been taken down, also contained some hip-hop lyrics which the Conservative councillor had written.

Chris Chapman's rap went: "Cos when this Doctor is in Surgery / People run with some f***ing urgency".

In his 'About Me' section on the MySpace page, the young man wrote, "I personally have evolved from a little whiny pussy in year seven to a thrill seeking wreck head to a Conservative party member who still loves the wreck up..."

After being caught boasting about taking drugs, the 19-year-old offered to stand down, and ended up admitting that he'd exaggerated his exploits just to look cool. He said that his drug-taking exploits involved prescription painkillers, and his days of robbery consisted only of nicking a few sweets from his younger cousin.

Laughing stock

Peter Davies, a Conservative councillor in Newport, said: "He has assured me that the drug he admitted to taking was a legal drug, tramadol [a mild opioid], which he was using to treat a pain in his shoulder, and we accept that. His heart is in the right place.

"With regards to the theft, he mumbled to me that he stole his cousin's sweets. He offered to stand down but I told him that doing that would make him look as though he were guilty of something."

The man went on: "He is a bit of a 'Jack The Lad' character. But he is absolutely scared stiff now, the poor so-and-so, absolutely wetting himself. He's like a rabbit caught in the headlights."

Why the teenager wanted to lie is a bit of a mystery; surely being a pants-wetting, candy-stealing 19-year-old Conservative politician would have been cool enough. But it just goes to show the kind of embarrassment the internet can cause, and the amount of trouble it can get you into.

James Rivington

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