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Soon your fridge will have rules - Internet of Things finally taken seriously

FTC to consider rules about how our devices will share data
Don't be sharing all our info, yo

The Internet of Things is in dire need of a better name but there's no doubt its impact is going to be huge.

In case you didn't know, it refers to how internet connections go beyond smartphones and computers and have begun to infiltrate our everyday devices like fridges and kettles, and people are starting to realise that some structure is in order.

So the US Federal Trade Commission is going to have a serious talk about how all these gadgets will share data and how to stop sensitive information being exposed to the world.

All the things, all of them

It'll be chatting about all the privacy and security issues that come with connected devices, and will be putting together some guidelines to make sure everything is properly regulated.

Basically, the powers that be have realised we need to put some guidelines in place now before it's too late and our kettles are sharing our personal information with the entire internet.

Connected cars are one such example where greater connectivity is starting to take off, with potential for our location to be made available when we don't want it to be.

And the last thing we want is malware in our microwaves.