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People just like Google more than they like Bing

People just like Google more than they like Bing
Bing is probably cursing that friendly logo

Some new research has shown that internet users give Google the thumbs up over Bing, regardless of the actual search results returned.

Survey Monkey asked 641 people to choose which page of search results they preferred - some received a set of search results labelled Google and some received a set labelled Bing.

The Google branded page was chosen by the majority of respondents - but here's the thing! Some of the Google pages included Bing's search results, and some of the Bing pages included only Google's search results.

Search wars

Despite this, people who received the swapped results pages still favoured "Google"'s results over "Bing"'s.

So people didn't really care what the search engines brought back, they were more impressed by the engines themselves.

The research only took in the opinions of 641 people so it's not exactly something we're going to submit to the Encycopaedia Britannica, but it does go to show that Microsoft's search engine still has a long way to go before it usurps Google's position as top search dog.

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