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News of the World goes behind paywall

News of the World - would you pay?
News of the World - would you pay?

The News of the World has followed its News Corp. stablemate The Times by going behind a paywall.

The Sunday tabloid's move out of the public domain got little fanfare – especially given the hype over The Times' conversion from free to paid-for.

The Times move has cost it the lion's share of its traffic, but News Corp's Rupert Murdoch is insistent that a paid-for model must be implemented online.

NOT(W) free any more

Those people that want to see the NOTW's kiss-and-tells with Premiership footballers, low rent starlets in bikinis or, in fairness, an insightful sports section will now have to pay a fee to do so.

That fee starts at £1 a day or £1.99 on a rolling monthly renewal (with a £2 credit).

The next paper set to go behind the News Corp. paywall is The Sun, one of the UK's most popular red tops.

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