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Gizmodo UK launches

Gizmodo UK launches
Gizmodo UK launches

Gizmodo UK has launched, bringing one of the biggest names in technology media to our emerald shores.

Already resisting TechRadar's attempts to call it Gizmuk, Gizmodo UK will join T3 magazine, T3 online and, of course, us in Future Publishing.

Gizmodo needs little introduction, with the global gadgets blog renowned for breaking some of technology's biggest stories, including the controversial iPhone 4 prototype.

Kat's whiskers

The UK version will be headed up by editor Kat Hannaford with Sam Gibbs taking on the news editor role.

"There's an obvious need for Gizmodo's existence on home soil," said Hannaford.

"Taking the US site's approach, we plan to get under the skin of UK companies, and really look at the hows and whys of a product's existence.

"It's this interest in the human relationship with technology and design which really separates Gizmodo, and its new UK arm, from the pack."

You can check out Gizmodo UK at right now.