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Energy comparison site doesn't add up

Fujitsu UK has forced energy comparison site to republish figures on its high-end 63-inch plasma TV. had calculated the yearly cost of running the Fujitsu P63XHA51 at £600. However Fujitsu quickly disputed the claim, pointing out the figures used in the calculation were from Japanese documents on the TV.

"Since Japan runs on a 100v system, and the UK a 240v, the discrepancy was obvious," said Graham Goodburn, UK technical services manager at Fujitsu UK.

"Really, Fujitsu plasmas are no more expensive to run than our competitors' due to the nature of plasma technology."

Fujitsu posted the new power consumption details on its site. Since then, Sust-it recalculated the cost of running the P63XHA51 at £204 per year.

Sust-it compares the energy output of hundreds of consumer electronic items, informing buyers how much an item costs to run per year.